Kappa Gamma Psi was founded on December 11th, 1913 at the New England Conservatory of Music to satisfy the desire for an organized student relationship with the institution and its faculty. After this fellowship was recognized as an asset to the institution, nationalization was planned. The Fraternity attained national status on March 21, 1916. At that time, Kappa Gamma Psi was only for male students of music.

With only men in the fraternity, the First World War gave a rocky start to our expansion. The formation of Gamma Chapter in 1923 at the Boston Conservatory of Music marked the beginning of stable expansion for the fraternity. The fraternity steadily gained chapters until the start of United States involvement in World War II, when growth leveled off. Then, as the Vietnam War progressed, chapters of Kappa Gamma Psi became inactive. In 1968, Alpha Chapter, at the New England Conservatory, went inactive. By 1976, only one chapter remained active: Iota Chapter at Ithaca College. Kappa Gamma Psi has maintained its national board and its identity as a national fraternity.

 In 1976, Iota Chapter began inviting female students to join. In the 1980s, having developed more diverse performance interests (a trend which began in the 1950s), the chapter officially changed the fraternity's designation from Musical Fraternity to Performing Arts Fraternity.

Today, Kappa Gamma Psi is open to male and female performers of any major. Iota chapter has gone inactive. We now seek to re-expand the fraternity, and move it in a different direction. In 2009, A Boston Area Chapter was founded to serve the needs of members in Eastern Massachusetts and beyond.

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